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New Channel Trailer and Why I Had To Change | Living with LPR (Laryngopharyngeal Reflux)

La Delicia de Linda Channel Trailer. Formerly known as Devilishly Hungry. Starting 2018, this channel will switch from being a food channel to a vlogging, lifestyle, review channel.

My focus for this channel is vlogging, healthy lifestyle (for now I am on a modified Fast Tract diet with some treats but mostly a "mediterranean/asian" style diet), review videos and other random vlog related videos.

There might be occasional food content in my new videos but the theme of this Channel is now a vlogging and lifestyle channel.

Helpful For LPR:
Buy Alkaline Water here:👉 or here: Go Here to Buy Gaviscon Advanced (creates raft over your acid reflux. Not a cure but helps minimize damage when you reflux)👉:

Standard GERD Diet that might be helpful (Acid Watcher Diet)👉

Alternative diet for Acid Reflux that focuses on fermentation potential (Fast Tract Diet: Heartburn)👉

Fast Tract Diet for IBS 👉

💕❤️LP️R Journey & Updates💕❤️
Update: 07-06-18
Feeling very stupid this week for canceling my procedure way too early. I didnt want to inconvenience the surgeons so I thought it would be best to cancel immediately instead of waiting last minute to cancel. Almost as though the universe was out to spite me, my night time reflux ruined my esophagus and I keep waking up to horrible pain and throat bloat and nausea. This has caused me to have migraines almost daily and I was so desperate, I thought maybe if I quickly ask for my previous procedure date back, I would get it. But I should have known it doesnt work that way. My surgeon is all booked and I need to wait another month before I can get new dates for October. In any case, my PPI is failing on me. I rely on Gaviscon Advance for my nighttime reflux and I still sleep on a elevated bed but it is creating worsening insomnia for me. The only way I am getting relief right now is through gravity (being upright) but I eventually need to lie down. It's a vicious cycle of I need to sleep so I lie down but by morning, my throat is in so much pain, I have to prop myself up as quickly as I can. In any case, I am almost certain now that I am going to reschedule the linx procedure when I can for October. I've had enough of this night time reflux. So exhausted.

Update: 06-26-18
I am one month away from getting Linx surgery and I am having second thoughts. I know any surgery has risks but at this point my reflux has vastly improved and all I have left are known as "annoyance symptoms". Occasional burping, at worse I have nausea from half regurgitation but at least no more throat burn. I am on the fence as I have borderline symptoms and I am not sure it is worth getting Linx surgery anymore. There seems to a high success rate but those who dont get better report pretty bad side effects like dysphagia and dysmotility. Some people need to be dilated which is not bad but too much dilation would mean stretching the esophagus which can weaken motility and clearance.

Technically I can cancel up to the day of the surgery but I do feel bad as it would inconvenience the medical staff as I hear it is hard to book surgery rooms and coordinate with staff members.

So right now I am 50/50 undecided whether to proceed. I'll have to think long and hard about this as I would never want to be unprepared and have the worse symptoms come back. But at this moment, It is mostly tolerable even though not completely cured.

Update 06-20-18

So I am getting closer to my surgery date and I am getting very nervous. I have a pre op appointment on July 11, 2018 and my Linx surgery is set for July 26, 2018.  Some people have asked me why I am still planning to get surgery when I am between 80% - 90% healed. The quick answer to that is that although I now almost no longer have food related reflux. I still reflux the majority at night even when sleeping on a raised bed. My head of the bed is raised 6 inches and this I believe was the biggest thing other than Gaviscon Advanced to push my healing from 50% to 80%. But that 20% is still there at night and it caused me to wake up several times in the night from throat dryness, night time phlegm which goes away quickly once I get up and also some night time regurgitation. (My impedance test with PH did indicate that my Demeester score only went out of range due to long reflux times even though I have normal LES pressure when closed so maybe it is both a gravity issue and a mechanical issue with my LES. I hypothesize, that my LES probably doesnt know when to close even if the pressure is normal.)

I am worried though as some people have pointed out this may  be either the smartest or stupidist decision. Linx surgery (magnetic titanium beads that keep the LES closed), is done larascopically so recovery time is quick and my doctor said this is usually outpatient so I can come home same day. It is also supposedly reversible. But I am still worried as my reflux is not bad like it was before. I wonder if I will be successful linx patient or an unlucky rarity and maybe cause worse problems such as dysphagia. My reflux however is still there at night and being a chronic insomniac, any ounce of sleep really helps with overall health and wellbeing. So this is really the motivating factor for me to get linx surgery.

Overall I would suggest reading below if you are curious about the diet part that I currently practice and what has helped me.

I've uploaded a new Channel Trailer that still focuses on "healthy-ish" eating but I hope I made it clear that I no longer follow a specific diet and I pretty much pick and choose elements from what I've learned doing both Acid Watcher, Paleo, and Fast Tract. I combine, sometimes rotate elements of all three and I admittedly also have my treats that dont fit any of the above diet principles.

I do plan on uploading some more recipe videos which will include Fast Tract fermentation potential points if you are following that. Although do note that I do not follow Fast Tract exclusively. I still have a diet high in plant based foods which although is allowed, the portions I usually eat can be high fp. For an example, I still have corn (13 FP), and taro (12 FP). But once in awhile if I have really bad stomach upsets, I will eat a Fast Tract diet for a few day if needed. For me, if I have a bad case of gas, I find keeping my fp points under 30 a day and ideally around 5 fp per meal, helps. Sometimes I do go 7fp but I try not to go any higher per meal. This I do mostly for bloating and gas and it has been a real game changer for me in that regard as I have lots of bloat issues but not always. I do have slip ups as I do occasionally eat foods high in fermentation potential but when I do feel the stomach issues happening, I know to go back to watching fp points for a few days and that usually clear ups quickly.

I've been told that Linx doesnt always help with gas and bloating and may accentuate it so I'm keeping Fast Tract in mind for sure if I end up with more gas issues than before.

Update: 6-10-18
Recently I have been having strong bouts of nausea that I believe is caused by gastric emptying issues. Since I still have throat clearing, I sometimes interchange between PPI and h2 blockers and apple cider vinegar drinks. The apple cider vinegar drink I know is oxymoron and kinda contradictory but if you read the previous update, you have an idea why I rotate.

In any case, the PPI is having an effect where food will sit in my stomach for hours and giving me nauseated feeling. I've decided that if I want to get off PPI, it is time I commit to reflux surgery so I have scheduled my procedure for July 9. I am most likely getting linx as it is less invasive and I will still have the ability  to vomit if needed, unlike with Nissen which can cause dry heaves because of inability to vomit when you are sick (such as food poisoning). Linx is also reversible and has a quicker recovery time. Still I'm undecided as Nissen is the gold standard so I may get Nissen instead. I dont know yet. But for now I am scheduled for Linx surgery on the 9th of July.

I feel kinda embarrassed I was adamantly against apple cider vinegar drinks and now I rely on them to relieve nausea caused by gastroparesis. I also found fennel and ginger tea helpful. I just boil some grated ginger in hot water with a bag of "Heather's Fennel Tea" for bloating. (Fennel Tea for bloating can be bought here: Lesson learned... never adamantly claim you know the perfect diet because symptoms changes and our needs are unique and different. No one diet will work for everyone. So I am back again saying I dont want to focus my channel around diet anymore. I do not follow a specific diet as I am constantly changing according to my current needs. It's frustrating because I would love a clear cut guideline on what to eat to eliminate guess work but over the past years I learned it's not that easy. My symptoms and health conditions are changing and so a varied but balanced diet works best. I hope I wont get hate comments or troll comments about this so this is my disclaimer so people know why I may eat foods that go against Acid Watcher or Fast Tract.

Needless to say I no longer follow any particular diet. I dont do Acid Watcher. I do not follow Dr Koufman's diet. Low acid diets have helped my throat burn BUT it gave me horrible gastric emptying issues and nausea. So sorry guys! This is why I have reintroduced acids in moderation. It really helps with the awful feeling of wanting to throw up. The diluted acids seem to help with speeding the digestive process. 1 slice of lemon in warm water or a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in 8 ounces of water is what I take now when it feels like I am nauseated due to indigestion. But I am aware of the pepsin theory so I acknowledge that what may work for me, may not work for you.

Surgery is invasive but at this point i'm caught in limbo. Acid Watcher diet and PPI use have helped the burn but gave me indigestion and nausea. So I feel like if I can get off PPI but still address reflux somehow, I will no longer have to deal with this horrible indigestion. But I dont claim to know everything... this is just my personal experience. Like my doctor says, we do need stomach acid to properly digest food and help us absorb nutrients better. But some people do need PPI as the burn can be worse than the nausea. But everything has it's pros and cons, risks and benefits. I'm willing to take the surgery risk so I dont have to mess up my stomach acid in the long term. (Note: My doctor takes a "depends" approach, meaning that PPI can be helpful for short term, some people also may need it long term but based on certain circumstances, it may not be for everyone as there are both risk and benefits with long term PPI use for GERD).

All in all, as I stated before, I still rely on interchanging between watching my acidic food intake, to sometimes actually consuming acidic food depending on my current symptoms. If I feel like food is sitting in my stomach too long I may eat food with some acidity or take the diluted ACV drink or lemon water to encourage digestive juices to help break down my food. But sometimes this can backfire and I can feel the acidity coming back up. The regurgitation or the burning. This is the reflux issue and that is when I take PPI or H2 blockers depending on the intensity of the sour contents. As such I am hesitant to say I have a specific diet protocol because I dont have one. It changes from hour to hour or sometimes days or weeks. I just have to hope I understand my body well enough so I know what to take. Should I follow the Acid Watcher diet and take my PPI for awhile? Sometimes I feel just the Acid Watcher diet temporarily is enough. But when my symptoms changes to nausea, then I know it's time to bring back the lemons and vinegar into my food. As such of the unpredictable nature, I hope people will understand where I'm coming from and why I switch back and forth.

Note: Gastroparesis aka Gastric emptying can be caused by a wide variety of things. Diabetes is one probable cause, medications, and also possible nerve and contraction damage or issues. As such there is no single or clear cut treatment or cure. There are several treatment methods and lifestyle and or diet factors you can employ or combine. As a disclaimer I do not claim that apple cider vinegar drinks or lemon water will help you as each person has their own unique cause for gastroparesis. ACV and lemon water may or may not help you.

 You can learn more about Gatsropresis here:

and here:

Update 05-21-18

Throat burn is completely gone but I still have phlegming as a major issue and belching to some degree. If I belch I have to be careful how I belch as I can feel contents pushing upwards when I do. I've also decided to take Gaviscon advance twice a night instead of just before bed. This has reduced my symptoms greatly! I would say I am 80% better from sleeping on an incline, and Gaviscon Advanced (UK with sodium alginate). I take Gaviscon advanced before bed and also in the middle of the night.. about 4 hours from getting out of bed. This has completely rid of my throat pain. Only the annoying phlegming and half regurgitation sometimes are my only symotoms left. Because of this I may postpone the linx surgery to November as originally planed.

In terms of diet. When I first had throat burn, anything mildly acidic would burn my throat. This included healthy "fermented" foods like yogurt. But now that I no longer have throat burn, I actually found Apple Cider Vinegar (less than a teaspoon, diluted in  1 cup or more of water) in tiny sips and Kefir to be very helpful. I think because of gastric emptying. Seems to help with digestion and keep food moving down.

Here's a strong NOTE though! If I feel like I  have more LPR issues, I immediately take Zantac. I save Zantac for those moments I feel I  might regurgitate acidic contents. I know taking Apple Cider Vinegar and Zantac sounds conflicting and counterintuitive but my symptoms vary greatly. When it feels like food has been sitting in my stomach to long (indigestion), tiny sips of apple cider vinegar diluted in water, helps with that indigestion nausea feeling. However when thinks start to feel remotely acidic, I halt the ACV drink and take Zantac. This cycle or balance has helped a lot.

But be warned! If you still have pepsin in the throat, the burn from drinking ACV or Kefir can happen immediately and last  hours. So really monitor your symptoms! Hope this helps!

Update: 5-16-18

I have an appointment scheduled with a surgeon tomorrow to discuss about my options for LPR surgery. I am really nervous and scared but I feel at this point diet interventions arent helping as much as I would like and I feel constantly nauseated with the half regurgitation and phlegming. It's awful and I'm convinced I need to fix the mechanical issue with  my LES because even if I avoid acid or processed foods, I am still clearing out globs of gastric fluid.

So hopefully the surgeon will help me figure out which procedure is best for me. I am contemplating between Linx surgery or a half Nissen fundoplication. Even after surgery I probably will continue a healthy diet and lifestyle as this lesson taught me so much about the importance of health.

Also after being on a high fat low carb version of Fast Tract, I learned I dont tolerate all these keto recipes very much. So I learned throughout this LPR dietary journey that avoiding acidic foods is most helpful for throat burn/pepsin in throat issues but it doesnt stop the reflux. I also learned that everyone has their own unique trigger foods. I learned that I do not do well with whole grains and also I dont feel good on keto. I think the idea of limiting processed carbs is still key in maintaining health. Diabetes run in my family so I still think I should keep an eye on that.

Honestly, my diet is changing constantly so I think I am done saying which diet I am on. It really changes day to day with how my body feels. So I'm no longer following a specific diet.

As silly as it sounds I'm doing more intuitive eating now. Focusing more on vegetables, root and green leafy vegetables and squashes as well as healthy fats and protein... its the general advice you hear a lot but it is also the one with the most research. So it looks like its back on a sort of modified Mediterranean or traditional Asian diet for me! I say modified because whole grain and beans still give me gas which for me causes more reflux. So i'm probably just going to focus more on veggie intake and healthy fat and protein with some white rice, which is what I tolerate best.

Update: 4-27-18
Good news. Just saw a new GI doctor and he believes me! I have 100% Symptom association probability and long reflux times (approximately 18 minutes. Normal range is under 4 min). So he knows I wasn’t making up my symptoms since they matched what the ph monitor said. So glad I found the courage to find a new doctor. I almost gave up hope since I was being told before I was just too sensitive. So just for everyone else out there. If your doctor isn’t hearing you out on your reflux, don’t hesitate to ask for a second opinion. There are good Doctors out there who will discuss every option imaginable for treating reflux and who will believe you! Just saying this since I’ve read the same stories on the LPR Facebook groups about not being believed. But keep fighting. A good doctor who will believe you is out there!

No Bile reflux, just long reflux times and still experiencing lots of belching, some regurgitation, foamy stuff from esophagus and the usual throat bloat sensation and occasional throat burn. Getting tired of feeling almost the same and no longer want to explain myself. Going to stop making LPR videos and focus more on regular vlogging and review videos.

Update 3-19-18
So my throat issues have become itchy as well as the pain complaints of phlegming and irritation. I'm noticing that adding sauerkraut might be triggering pepsin activation in the throat so I am now going to try Fast Tract with Acid Watcher principles. This time I'll be paying attention to Ph as well as not eating trigger foods like chocolate (sad), coffee, tomatoes, mint, onions, garlic, acidic foods, etc. That means my diet will be extremely limited. I noticed I have more reflux on sadly brown rice as well but not white rice so that is the only part of Acid watcher that I am not complying.

So going to count Fast Tract fermentation potential points and no more acidic foods (nothing below 5 ph), in case I still got pepsin in my throat.

I am at my wits end.. I've probably tried everything so I hope this works!!

Update: 3-7-18
This long as wire to test ph was inside my esophagus down to my les for 24 hours... Still cant believe how long this is but I endured it to find answers... 

I just finished my 24 ph test with impedance today to test for acid and non acid (bile) reflux. Won’t know the official report until three weeks after today. It was painful having the probe/wire in my esophagus for 24 hours but I survived. I did gag on the wire a few times due to my vagus nerve. I hope I didn’t damage my nerve or my esophagus in anyway as I was already having a tightness sensation. I am not healed yet and I don’t know the analysis as I am not a doctor or specialist but I did learn and made observations on some things. The impedance test had me hooked up to a monitor that showed me the ph right above my LES. So I could see fluctuations in the ph depending on what I ate and also from my symptoms. Again a disclaimer I’m no doctor and I hope I’m not risking harm but I noticed that my ph dropped the most when I had anything with fructose in it. Honey, most fruits, and yogurt (not fructose but has probably lactic acid and lactose) had my ph hover around a 3. I was told to eat trigger foods so I had a bunch of bad food that gave me diarrhea the next day but surprisingly my ph did not drop below 5 when I had fatty foods. Though I know everyone has their own unique trigger foods. I was surprised that chocolate, tomatoes and garlic did not make my ph drop below 5 and sometimes if I ate slow my ph stayed around 6. As such even though I’m not fully healed. I would like to experiment with a new diet called Fast Tract which counts fermentable potential points. I believe but am not sure my reflux is caused by excess gas. So I’ll try Fast Tract and start off with 30 fermentation points as my daily allowance. I will still incorporate some Acid Watcher principles but clearly it will be modified. I wanted to add that note since I plan to upload recipe videos and don’t want to create confusion on controversy. I think I have more of a fructose malabsorption problem. I’m ok with starch and glucose it seems and so I’ll keep that in small portions as I don’t want to limit my diet. I’ll ptobably stick to Acid Watcher maintenance phase with some modifications like using white rice instead of brown since I recently found out I don’t tolerate brown very well and brown has high FP, whereas white rice has low fermentation potential since it is easier to digest and empty the stomach.

In sum you will see some acid watcher maintenance foods but focusing on a Fast Tract diet for now to see if that would help in my healing.

(Effective as of January 2018)
I went from a General mukbang with some junk food to now a very specific dietary lifestyle. Specifically I now must follow the Acid Watcher Diet. I was diagnosed with LPR (And I believe I also might have Bile Reflux but that has not been confirmed) and despite medication my symptoms never improved. I will not discuss about LPR in detail on my channel except for in this description box and in a unlisted video. But you will see me mention certain foods and recipes follow the Acid Watcher lifestyle. (YouTube’s bot appears to think I’m talking about something controversial since I put in medical disclaimers. I still contend I am not a doctor and always speak with a healthcare professional about your health concerns. My views should not replace a doctor’s advice.)

I know I will get a lot of comments from people telling me to take Apple cider vinegar. Long story short, I’ve tried that and it made things worse. I later learned that heart burn and LPR are NOT the same even though they sound similar. LPR is often called reflux of the throat. Heartburn is reflux that aggravates the stomach. Throat burn and phlegming are my main symptoms and this is caused by pepsin activation in the throat. The esophagus does not have the same protection as the stomach. So for the sake of my health I am being strict with what goes down my throat. Anything below ph of 5 is a sure fire way to activate pepsin in the esophagus which can cause damage. Apple cider vinegar drinks though often healthy, is still below a ph of 5 and will cause pepsin activation in the throat. Causing cell wall damage which in long term cases will lead to Barett’s Esophagus or in worse case scenario esophageal cancer. (I am hoping if I do heal I will be able to broaden my food list to include things that are gut healthy like fermented foods but for now I have to take capsule probiotics because fermented food often has a lower ph. If I do get past the healing phase you may see some foods like yogurt again and some other foods in the ph 4 range but I will have to keep an eye out for potential triggers so it may not be a regular thing.)

📌This channel therefore will now be a vlog channel and food content will reflect the dietary lifestyle listed in both Dr Koufman’s Dropping Acid Diet and Dr Aviv’s Acid Watcher Diet. The two book have the same root concept. Limiting and controlling pepsin activation in the throat to help the esophagus heal. However the two book have minor differences. For an example Dr Koufman allows small amounts of tamari and sugar. Whereas Dr Aviv discourages the use in healing phase. I combine the concepts from both books. If you are interested in learning more. Please support the doctors/authors and purchase their books or check them out at your local library to learn more. I am not 100% healed but both books are so far the only dietary lifestyle that has helped me control my LPR symptoms.

Thanks for the support! Love you all! Muah

🔻Medical Disclaimer:🔻
I am not a medical professional. Always seek out and consult with your licensed health care professional before embarking on any new diet, supplements or routines. Consult with your doctor about any questions you may have. My words are merely my experience and opinions and should not replace medical advice from a professional.

You must not rely on the information on this channel as an alternative to medical advice from your doctor or other professional healthcare provider. 

If you have any specific questions about any medical matter you should consult your doctor or other professional healthcare provider.

If you think you may be suffering from any medical condition you should seek immediate medical attention.

You should never delay seeking medical advice, disregard medical advice, or discontinue medical treatment because of information on this channel.

I am not a medical professional.
View on this channel are merely thought and opinions and should not replace a medical professional's advice.

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Hi guys! Due to unforeseen circumstances, I will be changing my blogger blog to my other account.

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Vegan Mukbang 먹방 | Cheesecake, Orange Chicken | Watermelon Day | Natto C...

Let's eat with Rise and Linda! Today we have a special Mukbang episode with Rise' from ReeseinTheCup. This was such a fun filled collaboration video. Rise does her first impressions and accepts my Natto challenge. Cheer her on for being so brave! Woot! Thank you so much for being a wonderful guest and more importantly a great friend!

Check out Rise' channel:

Oh also, Wednesday (August 3) was "National Watermelon Day".

Chat topics:
National Watermelon Day
What ice cream flavor would best describe the other person?
Game of Thrones
Instagram Stories
Sesame Street on HBO?!
Pressed Juicery
The Plant Cafe (
Death by Durian? "The King of fruit" 
Simpsons Throwback

Dishes: Purple & white rice mixture, cauliflower and snow peas stirfry with coconut aminos and curry powder, Orange mock chicken (Gardein Brand), Tofutti Home Made Cheesecake, Natto, Water Melon Juice

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Ending music: Water Lily by 126ers

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Note: Although this and many of my videos are Vegan related, we do not ascribe to dietary labels. We do gravitate towards "Plant based". I personally eat predominately plant foods but do incorporate a little bit of animal based foods, usually as condiment. Rise is on her own dietary path. We also welcome any lifestyles to our channel as we are foodies and do not believe one diet fits all. Thank you for understanding!

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April Skin Magic Snow Cushion (PINK) Review | with April Skin Black Cush...

Hey there! April Skin Magic Snow Cushion just got an expanded line! Today I am reviewing their Pink cushion in the color correcting line. Pink helps with giving a glow to dull grey looking face and can brighten over all skin tone.

I fell in love with the April Skin line because they have mild and almost undetectable fragrance compared to other Korean make up lines. They also provide a natural yet medium to high coverage look. Their cushion foundations are also like a oasis for dry wrinkle prone skin. You get the coverage you want and still see your skin shinning through.

Products have a Spf of 50+ 

I purchased my cushion foundation in shade 21 which has a beige undertone. #21 is The lightest shade and usually the second lightest shade in Korean markets. 
The Pink cushion is in number 1.

Highly recommend. This is a cult favorite that actual works as it claims! The only downside is that it is pricey. But one of the more mid line pricing range compared to higher end brands so it evens out.

April Skin Pink Color Correcting Cushion
Overall rating 4/5 stars ★★★★
Moisturizing: ★★★★★
Looks like skin: ★★★★★
Coverage: ★★ (Not meant as a foundation, use as primer or color corrector)
Sensitive skin? ★★★★ (one star knocked off because it does have fragrance but it is extremely mild and barely detectable)

Disclaimer: I am not Korean and have no affiliation with April Skin. I bought these items with my own money. This is my honest review.

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에이프릴스킨 April Skin Official Website:

Purchase on Ebay:

Ingredients list and official site:

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[Vegan] Sushi Mukbang 먹방 | Chat: Kappa Monster, History of Sushi and For...

Let's eat Vegan Sushi! In this episode, I'll be making sushi using, avocado, cucumber, mushrooms, and white kimchee as fillings. 

Chatting about: Kappa Monster/Kappa Roll, History of Sushi and Fortune Cookies

This video was requested by: Kitti Milky

How to Make Sushi Rice:

There are various ratios for sushi vinegar to be mixed with sushi short grain rice. Highly recommend watching this video on making sushi rice:

Cold Brew Coffee video:

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Let's eat with Linda! Today's episode: How to make a healthy Raw Vegan & Paleo Friendly Chocolate Cake (recipe video and Mukbang). This recipe is quick, fast, and super easy.  Also Mukbang to follow after recipe segment. Food: Raw Vegan/Paleo Chocolate Cake & "hummus" Pizza. Below is a loose template recipe for the chocolate cake.

1.5 cups Walnuts
Avocado (1 Medium Hass Avocado)
Approximately 1/3 cup Cocoa Powder
Approximately 1/4 cup Maple Syrup
Approximately 2/3 cups Dates/Dried Figs
Sea Salt (optional)

1) Combine walnuts, approximately 1/4 cocoa powder and dash of salt into a blender or food processor. Pulse until coarsely ground.
2) Shake it up and add your 1/2 cup figs/dates. Coarsely chop the ingredients in blender/food processor until it forms a paste.
3) Mold the "dough"/paste into cake patties. I made three to make a three layer cake.
4) Let's make the frosting/icing/ganache. Cut, take out the pit and mash the avocado into the food processor. Add maple syrup, remaining cocoa powder and dates/figs. Emulsify in blender/food processor until well blended and smooth. You might need to hand mash if your blender is not powerful enough.
5) Frost and layer your cake. Decorate however you like. I used blueberries.
6) Serve and enjoy!
Note: Taste the frosting and cake paste/dough to make sure it is to your desired sweetness. Adjust cocoa powder and sweeteners to your taste.

Chat Topics in this video: Discontinuing the 30 day vegan challenge, Hallyu wave/Korean dramas.

Check out my Tumblr blog if you are interested in further details about why I quit the Vegan challenge.
For the most part I am about 90% plant based. 10% animal foods.

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Great, looks like you are all set! I want to welcome you to the La Delicia De Linda Blogger blog. Woah how many times can you fit the word blog in one post? Anyhow, a little about me. I am a San Francisco based, foodie. I love to eat and cook and I'm sure you like that as much as I do! So lets become friends! I'll show you some quick and easy recipes. Mostly whole foods, or healthy adaptations of your favorite foods.

If you like interaction, and food, you are in the right place. I like to keep in touch with everyone on youtube through my mukbang videos. Nothing feels better than having a meal with a friend or family member. Mukbang literally means "food broadcast". This type of video is a great way to make you feel like you are at the dinning table with me. Let's chat and have delicious food!

Bon appétit and cheers!

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